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25 Years Non-Stop
36 All Time Greatest Hits
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Above The Purple Onion
Ah Choo Stop The Flu DVD
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Aspen Gold
Aspen Gold/Longest Beer of the Night 45
At Large/Here We Go Again
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Best Of The New Kingston Trio
Best Of The New Kingston Trio Volume II
Bloodlines Hold The Key
Bob Shane's Car Book
Born At The Right Time
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Deidre, A Celtic Legend by Dave Guard
Don't Pick Your Nose, Pick Your Martin Guitar
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Folk Music Makes Me Horny
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Good Time Reunion At Devil's Lake
Grandma's Feather Bed Children's Book
Greenback Dollar: The Incredible Rise of The Kingston Trio
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Holiday Cheers CD
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In The Middle Of A Life
Johnson Party of 4/Big Ship Glory 45
Kingston Trio & Friends Reunion DVD
Kingston Trio 45th Anniversary DVD
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Looking For The Sunshine
Looking For The Sunshine LP (Vinyl)
Make Way/Goin' Places
My Other Car Is A Broom
New Frontier/Time to Think
Once Again
Once Upon A Time
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Sold Out/String Along
Something Else
Something Special/Back in Town
Stay Awhile CD
The Bill Zorn Show
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The Essential Kingston Trio
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The First 50 Years
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The Hawaiian Calypso Folk Group That Saved Country Music T-Shirt
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The Kingston Trio Story: Wherever We May Go
The Kingston Trio, 1957--
The Kingston Trio...Total Moderation
The Kingston Trio: 50 Years Of Havin' Fun DVD
The Kingston Trio: Live From The Yuma DVD/CD Combo
The Stewart Years
The World Needs A Melody
There's A Meetin' Here Tonight
This Land Is Your Land DVD
Tom Dooley Was Not...
Tom Dooley: The Story Behind The Ballad (by Karen Wheeling Reynolds)
Too Much Fun Is Not Enough!
Trident Restaurant Menu
Trio Fantasy Camp 2017 Performances DVD Set
Turning Like Forever
Twice Upon A Time
Vega Kingston Trio Bob Shane Plectrum Banjo
Vega Kingston Trio Long Neck Banjo
When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro
Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone?
Young Men In A Hurry