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Looking For The Sunshine CD

New!! Looking For The Sunshine CD

Recorded in 1983, this CD release is from the first album of new material recorded by the Bob Shane, George Grove and Roger Gambill configuration of The Kingston Trio. Includes: Hawaiian Nights, Big Ship Glory, The World Needs A Melody, and a Bob Shane favorite - Rolling Stone. We also sell the original vinyl LP in the unique items section of The Kingston Trio Store.

LFTSCD $20.00
25 Years Non-Stop CD

New!! 25 Years Non-Stop CD

Another gem from the Bob Shane, George Grove and Roger Gambill configuration of the Kingston Trio, this LP, recorded in 1982, was a result of many requests that this group record the Kingston Trio standards, with their special blend of voices. Includes: Merry Minuet, Zombie Jamboree, Maria, The Reverend Mr. Black, M.T.A. and Tijuana Jail.


New!! Aspen Gold CD

Recorded in 1979, the Aspen Gold LP was a milestone at the time, being the first LP recorded in Kendun Recorders' new 1.2 million dollar "super studio," featuring a Solid State Labs Limited board from England. So technically this LP was the first digital recording of its time. Featuring the Kingston Trio of Bob Shane, Roger Gambill & George Grove, musicianas Tom Green (drums) and Ben Schubert (electric tenor) also lent their talents to this LP. Now you can have this wonderful LP on CD. Includes: Aspen Gold and Longest Beer of the Night.

ASPENCD $20.00
Something Else CD

New!! Something Else CD

Released in 1965 by Decca Records, this LP features the Kingston Trio configuration of John Stewart, Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds. This LP has many wonderful songs on it, but we always felt it was a forgotten LP. So we decided to release it onto CD. Nick, Bob and John were having a ball on the road and in the studio, and these choices of songs are completely different than anything they had been doing. Includes: Parchment Farm Blues, Where Are You Going Little Boy?, Last Thing On My Mind, Dancing Distance and Verandah of Millium August.

SECD $20.00
The Last Month of the Year CD

The Last Month of the Year CD

The original Kingston Trio Christmas CD!! Recorded in 1960 by Bob Shane, Dave Guard and Nick Reynolds, this CD has been a Christmas favorite and holiday staple for over 50 years. The CD Includes: A Round About Christmas, Follow Now Oh Shepards, The White Snows Of Winter, The Last Month Of The Year & More.

CCM-117-2 $20.00
Kingston Trio Glad Tidings CD

Glad Tidings CD

Recorded by the current Kingston Trio of Bill Zorn, George Grove and Rick Dougherty, this CD is a fabulous collection of classic and old time Christmas carols sung beautifully by The Kingston Trio with their particular brand of folk stylings. Many of these carols have never been recorded by the Trio before! A few you will remember from the Trio's classic 1960 "Last Month of the Year" CD. "Glad Tidings" is sure to put you right in the mood for a folk-flavored Christmas!

GT2009 $20.00
On A Cold Winter's Night...The Kingston Trio Holiday Concert CD

On A Cold Winter's Night...The Kingston Trio Holiday Concert Double CD

We're proud to offer you our complete Holiday Concert, from beginning to end, with two bonus tracks, arranged by Geogre Grove. It has been a labor of love, several years in the making. Christmas is a special time of year, and we love to celebrate it by performing our holiday concerts around the country. This CD includes our regular show, peppered with the classic Kingston Trio holiday and Christmas music. We hope you like it as much as we enjoy performing it.

On A Cold Winter's Night $20.00
Born At The Right Time CD

Born At The Right Time CD

Not a traditional Kingston Trio song on it! The Kingston Trio (Bill Zorn, George Grove and Rick Dougherty) has wanted to record a CD of all new material for a long time. Finally, they decided, the time had come. All 3 guys brought in songs, as did Bob Shane, original Kingston Trio founder. Over a several year period, the songs were whittled down, then finally agreed upon. The current Trio kept with the Kingston Trio tradition of considering only songs that everyone liked. The recording process started in June of 2011, and now - almost a year later - here it is!! Wait until you see the CD packaging, it is fantastic. Kudos to the Trio, we love it!

BATRTCD $20.00
The Best of the New Kingston Trio CD

The Best Of The New Kingston Trio CD - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Recorded between 1968 and 1972, this CD features "The New Kingston Trio," comprised of Bob Shane, Jim Connor and Pat Horine. Bob Shane formed The New Kingston Trio right after the 1967 disbanding of The Kingston Trio (Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds & John Stewart). The New Kingston Trio only existed for 4 years, so these recordings by Bob, Pat and Jim are very historical. These aren't your ususal Kingston Trio hits. Instead, this group recorded mostly new material that had more of a country bent. It's really good stuff, and we are happy to bring you these almost lost recordings.

NKTCD $20.00
Born At The Right Time CD

Best of The New Kingston Trio Volume 2

This is a companion CD to our Best of The New Kingston Trio CD, released in 2009. We found 12 more gems to release from the Trio configuration of Bob Shane, Jim Connor and Pat Horine, circa 1968 - 1972. Some great stuff on here, and quite a few fan requested songs. If you liked The New Kingston Trio, you will like these 12 additonal songs by the group.

NKTVOL2CD $20.00
Kingston Trio Classics  3 CD Set
Kingston Trio Classics... 36 All Time Greatest Hits

All of your favorite Kingston Trio Hits, an absolute best buy! Includes the original versions of the hard to find songs Turn Around, Lemon Tree, Across the Wide Missouri, 500 Miles and Many More! 3 CDs, 36 Songs.

KTR509D $30.00
All Sides Of The Kingston Trio CD

All Sides Of The Kingston Trio CD

This double CD combines two popular Kingston Trio LPs - "Looking for the Sunshine" and "25 Years Non-Stop." Only one song was omitted - Will You Still Love Me If I Don't Do Coke? (We regret this omission, but most obviously it was because of the subject matter). This double disk set has some really great Kingston Trio songs on it that are nearly impossible to find, such as Big Ship Glory, Looking For The Sunshine, Hawaiian Nights and Rolling Stone. All songs on this double cd feature the KT configuration of Bob Shane, George Grove and Roger Gambill, of which there are precious little recordings. Great two-disk set for anyone who wants some really great Kingston Trio songs hard to find anywhere else.

The Bill Zorn Show CD

The Bill Zorn Show

A new CD by Bill Zorn! This is a great CD and we are proud to carry it. Over two years in the making, this CD features some very catchy and different-sounding tunes, interpreted and enhanced by Bill's great voice. You're going to love it!

BZCD $15.00
Above The Purple Onion CD

Above The Purple Onion CD

This CD was taken from an old reel-to-reel tape the original Kingston Trio used for rehearsal sessions in 1957 - before they became famous, before the song "Tom Dooley" hit and before they moved across the street to the "big time," the Hungry i nightclub. The Trio would use their old Wollensak to record their rehearsal sessons above the Purple Onion, and then drag it downstairs to record a song or two during their show. You can hear both on this CD.
The tape was 53 years old, so we did some serious audio forensics to make it listenable. It's a bit rough but certainly a treasure, and includes 5 songs The Kingston Trio never recorded. This CD gives a rare glimpse into a Kingston Trio that hadn't quite blossomed yet.

ABPO $20.00
Flashback CD Image

Flashback 2-CD Set

This 2-CD set was recorded live at a concert at the University of Kentucky, October 3, 1963.

Both the Trio and the audience were primed to have a good time that night, and they sure did! Laughing and joking,the Trio came through as having the time of their lives. There are other treats too! This recording contains live performances of several songs previously available only as studio recordings, and the topical humor of the day is priceless. You'll love it! Tto read a great review of this CD, with other interesting KT facts,  click here

Flashback $30.00
The Kingston Trio: Live At The Crazy Horse CD

Live At The Crazy Horse CD

Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and George Grove rock the Crazy Horse Saloon in Santa Ana, California. The Crazy Horse, where this CD was recorded, no longer exists in its orginal location. But The Kingston performed in the original Crazy Horse often over the years. This CD captures one of the last concerts there, and remains one of the most beloved recordings by the fans.

Live At The Crazy Horse $20.00
Bob Shane: The World Needs A Melody CD

The World Needs A Melody

Finally, a solo CD by Bob Shane...with a little help from his friends! This CD features Bob's handpicked favorite songs and ballads including many that were requested by fans and friends over the years. Two of the songs, "The World Needs A Melody" and "The Dutchman" are from Bob's private collection - never before released in these versions.

Bob says, "Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this CD and hope you feel the same." We sure do!!

The World Needs A Melody $20.00
Turning Like Forever CD

Turning Like Forever

This CD is another exclusive collection of previously unreleased KINGSTON TRIO recordings by Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane and John Stewart. It includes15 tracks from 1964-1967 (7 new songs and 8 alternate takes), as well as a very funny 1963 radio interview, recaptured and lovingly polished. More than four decades after Nick, Bob, and John’s final recordings, their worldwide circle of fans continues to grow, keeping the great music “turning like forever.” 

Turning Like Forever $15.00
Once Upon A Time CD


One of the Kingston Trio ’s classic albums, the 1966 double LP Once Upon a Time, recorded live at the Sahara Tahoe in Lake Tahoe, Nevada is now available on CD! The memorable center spread collage, photos, and liner notes are faithfully reproduced. All 20 songs from the original double album are included here on one great-sounding CD, as well as all 4 of John Stewart’s original comedy segments!

Once Upon A Time $20.00
Twice Upon A Time CD

Twice Upon A Time

Introducing Twice Upon a Time, an 18-song CD culled from the same 1966 series of live performances that produced the group’s legendary 1969 double album Once Upon a Time. Return with Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane, and John Stewart to the Sahara Tahoe for some memorable songs and very funny patter that wouldn’t fit on the original release. This CD also includes a dynamic bonus video of the Trio performing Bob Dylan’s Tomorrow Is a Long Time! Twice Upon a Time stands as a more-than-fitting companion disc to Once Upon a Time.

Twice Upon A Time $20.00
The Kingston Trio...The First 50 Years

The Kingston Trio...The First 50 Years

What better way to commemorate 50 years of The Kingston Trio than with a CD that showcases all 9 configurations of the group over their 50 year history? No better way thought our friend Tom Slowinski, who pushed this great idea. The CD has 18 songs - two selections from each group, and it's really fun to listen to! It also features liner notes by Bob Shane and some tracks that haven't been introduced onto a recording in a long while. As Bob Shane puts it, "this CD is really peachy!

The Kingston Trio: Live From The HIstoric Yuma Theatre

The Kingston Trio: Live From The Yuma CD/DVD Dual Combo - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOK

Recorded live at the Historic Yuma Theatre in Yuma, Arizona, this CD/DVD Combo features the exceptional musical talents of the current Kingston Trio lineup: George Grove, Bill Zorn and Rick Dougherty. Lots of banter and 24 great Kingston Trio classic songs.
This is a dual set - includes both CD & DVD! (Also listed in dvd section)

Includes both CD and DVD!

KTYUMA $20.00  
Live At Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Live At The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

This CD features the last known recordings by the Dave Guard/Nick Reynolds/Bob Shane lineup, a concert recorded just three weeks before Dave Guard left the folk supergroup! Captured live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on April 21, 1961, the group performs 8 songs previously unheard on any of their live recordings. As an added treat, Pat Boone joins them for "You're Gonna Miss Me." Includes a special video of the Trio singing the song with Pat Boone.

Live At The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium $15.00
The Final Concert CD

The Final Concert - The Last Concert Performed By Nick, Bob & John! - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

This is the long-awaited June 17, 1967 Hungry i farewell concert, complete and unedited, in glorious stereo. With fourteen songs and lots of cool between-song patter, the group never sounded better.

The Kingston Trio: Snapshot

Snapshot - A New Kingston Trio Live 1965 Concert 2-CD set!

Snapshot is a 2-CD set of a newly discovered Kingston Trio college concert recording from November, 1965. The Trio is "on" and the audience is wildly enthusiastic. For several songs, these are the first, and in many cases the only, live performance recordings of them. Close to 90 minutes in length, the entire show is as exciting for the listener today as it was for those who were at the show

The Essential Kingston Trio

The Essential Kingston Trio 2 CD Set

The Essential Kingston Trio collects 40 of the group's biggest hits and fan favorites, all recorded during their prime years of 1958 to 1964. A great companion to the documentary DVD  "The Kingston Trio: Wherever We May Go."

ESSKT $20.00
The Kingston Trio 45th Anniversary CD

Recorded live at the Birchmere Music Hall and hosted by comedian Ronnie Shell, this CD features performances by not only The Kingston Trio, but The Limeliters, The Shaw Brothers, and The Brothers Four! It is a very well-recorded, very special walk down memory lane. And a real treat for folk music lovers.
KTTRIB $20.00
Once Again... The Kingston Trio
Once Again... The Kingston Trio CD

Just Released! This CD is the Aspen Gold LP in its entirety! We've had many requests for this, as Aspen Gold seems to be one of everyone's favorites. Featuring Bob Shane, George Grove and Roger Gambill.
KTR2004D $15.00
Live In Reno
Live In Reno CD

This 1976 recording at the Nugget in Reno with Shane, Gambill & Zorn is the only recording ever made of these three. Lots of fun! (contains some slightly blue material)
KTR1976D $10.00
The Capitol Years CD
The Capitol Years 4 CD Boxed Set OUT OF PRINT

Darn near everything The Kingston Trio recorded at Capitol with both Dave Guard & John Stewart! All the classic recordings & many previously unreleased tracks. Digitally Remastered.

EMIBX $60.00
The Decca Years CD
The Decca Years 3 CD Boxed Set

Includes: the CDs Stay Awhile, Nick Bob John, and Children Of The Morning, all but 4 of the songs from Something Else, plus an added track!
KTR5574D $50.00
The Stewart Years CD
The Stewart Years 10 CD Boxed Set

Includes the Deluxe Hard Cover Souvenir Book, which is sold separately at many other stores! All the best of the best from the Stewart years.
KTST101 $190.00
The Guard Years CD
The Guard Years 10 CD Boxed Set

This 10 CD set has everything you could want from the Guard Years, including rare remakes, the 7 Up commercials, & many other hard to find tracks. Also includes the Deluxe Hardcover Souvenir Book!
KTGU101 $190.00
The Kingston Trio Collector Series CD
The Kingston Trio Collector Series CD

20 KT Classics! Includes: Tom Dooley, A Worried Man, Scotch & Soda, M.T.A. Greenback Dollar, Rasberries Strawberries & More.
EMICD $20.00
The Kingston Trio/From the Hungry i CD

The Kingston Trio/From The Hungry i Double CD

The very first album The Kingston Trio ever recorded, along with their second and most popular album. Includes: They Call The Wind Maria, South Coast, New York Girls, Dorie, Wimoweh & More.

96748-2 $18.00
At Large/Here We Go Again CD
At Large/Here We Go Again Double CD

Includes: The Seine, I Bawled, Early In The Mornin', Scarlett Ribbons, Remember The Alamo, San Miguel & More.
CCM-224-2 $18.00
Sold Out/String Along CD
Sold Out/String Along Double CD

Includes: With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm, Raspberries, Strawberries, Farewell Adelita, The Escape Of Old John Webb, Everglades, To Morrow & More.
CCM-225-2 $18.00
Make Way/Goin' Places CD
Make Way/Goin' Places Double CD

Includes: Hard Travelin', Pastures Of Plenty, Coast Of California, It Was A Very Good Year, Lemon Tree & More.
CCM-226-2 $18.00
New Frontier/ Time To Think CD
New Frontier/Time to Think Double CD

Includes: Greenback Dollar, Adios Farewell, Genny Glenn, The Patriot Game, Ally Ally Oxen Free, Long Black Veil & More.
CCM-105-2 $18.00
Close Up/College Concert CD
Close Up/College Concert Double CD

Includes: Oh, Sail Away, M.T.A. 500 Miles, Weeping Willow, Reuben James, Chilly Winds, Laredo, Take Her Out of Pity & More.
CCM-104-2 $18.00
Something Special/Back In Town CD
Something Special/Back In Town Double CD

Includes: One More Town, Tell It On The Mountain, Away Rio, Jane Jane Jane, Ann, Georgia Stockade, So Hi, Salty Dog & More.

CCM-130-2 $18.00
#16/Sunnyside CD
#16/Sunnyside Double CD

Includes: Run The Ridges, Try To Remember, Ballad of the Quiet Fighter, Desert Pete, Ballad of the Thresher, Rider, Blowin' in the Wind & More.
CCM-106-2 $18.00

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